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I am very proud on this heart since I always doodle them everywhere since I was little (no clue why). The shape came out very well, so I now master hearts. Yep. I said it. I've drawn more than a million of them during my life (probably even more), so yep. I said it. :D And I decided to leave it "un-complete". ;)
So, I got myself a free trial in PhotoShop (I AM SOOO LOOVING IT!!! Too bad it only gives you 7 days... :( ), and this is second thing I did in it. I guess first thing I did will stay in my "private collection" *cough not good egnouh to publish cough*. So, this is an edit of a photo of one of my cat's cubs (first one born, back in summer 2013). Brings back memories... :)
Weather On Top
Slightly "older" drawing, but still ok. I wish I could post my newest drawings, but sadly, I need to bring my camera back to living again. I was quite productive though. :)
Bye-bye little butterfly
I. HAVE. RETURNED. !!!!! I'm sooooooo happy I can upload again!!! :D DeviantArt kindly helped me, and in the end solved my problem, looks like there was some kind of bug... For me... I guess I was the only one with this kind of issue, but oh well; being unique counts, right? ;P Anyways, for this "glorious returning", I chose rather old image, as you can see, I made it still back in 2016, and to be more specific, I made it on Christmas 2016. :D Just made a 2 min edit to add the final touch to it... :)

P.S.: I am sorry for not replying, thanking, and commenting on your art guys, I promise I'll make up in next few days!! :)
DeviantArt doesn't allow me to upload art for past 2 days. Does anyone else have this issue? :/
So, I got tagged by alanallie, thanks for tagging me girl. (my first time being tagged too xD) :D
We're basically gonna play a little game, and this is how it will look like:

- I will answer her 13 questions,
- Then I will make my own 13 questions,
- Then, I will tag 13 other deviants to answer my questions.
So, let's get started!!
alanallie's questions:
1. What animal best represents you?
 - Hmmmm... I've always been torn apart beween a cat and a horse. Tho, I think I would go with horse. Even by Chinese horoscope I am horse soo... But I have cats' carachter included too, so... Let's say like this: 65 % horse/ 35 % cat.

2. What would you do if you were President of your own country?
 - Oh God... *face palm* Well, I live in Slovenia, so... Basically, here needs to chnage everything. And some things are only process of decades, other things are just matter of rational thinking and being honest a.k.a. not to steal money. So... No way I would want to be president of my country.

3. Which is your favorite Disney princess? (Moana counts btw xD)
 - I was usually more into witches and bad guys, but ok, if you say princesses... I will go with Bella from Beauty and The Beast.

4. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
 - I should probably say art, but I won't. Because art class at my school is nowhere near enjoyable (imagine yourself being creative in deadly silence, with tence atmosphere all the time, and grumy teacher-also all the time. Yeah. I did it tho. But it wasn't nice.) I'll just say English, because I never took it seriously, I didn't even study for it... I don't know, I just speak it, and it's basically same to me as Slovene language.

5. Favorite singer/band?
 - FREDDIE MERCURY!!!!!!!!! QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. If you could bring any fictional character to life who would it be? (It could be an oc)
 - Yep, my OC, I made a year and half ago named Victor (inspired by Victor Borge, search him on YouTube. No, not by famous anime, Yuri On Ice, he was made a year and half ago, gee people, stop asking me that -_-).

7. Do you like chocolate? What's your favorite kind if you do?
 - No. I don't like it. ....................... I'M CRAZY ABOUT IT!!!! DUUUHHH, WHO WOULDN'T LOVE CHOCOLATE, I MEAN....!!!!!! To be honest, I accept any kind of chocolate, but my favourite is milk chocolate.... Tho, my favourite chocolate ever is: Lindor pralines (red box). That is absolutely divine!! *-*

8. Who is your favorite youtuber if you have one?
 - Oohhh come on now, this isn't fair!! xD I mostly am subscribing and watching art channels, but there is impossible to just say "this one". The closest to my "this one" is Lineke Lijn. And "Penelope and Phoebe", I love those two people, such sweet persons. :) What is not art and I watch tho, are: h3h3 Productions, Markiplier, and (occassionaly) Jacksepticeye. No, I don't watch pewdiepie, he's annoying.

9. What's your favorite thing about Deviantart?
 - Ahhh, DA is just... Such an amazing community, everyone so kind, so talented and hardworking, and I rarely see things like "check my art"; I hate that on Instagram. Every single art page has full of "check my art" things. I am, to be completely honest, alergic to that. DA is, with one word: amazing.

10. What talent do you wish you had?
 - Hmmm... I never really tought about this, because I belive that what's not in talent, can be caught up with more of working... But there is something; I wish I would have the -not-being-so-freaking-scared-of-every-insect-just-because-they're-so-disgusting- talent. Because, I bet, that if a dragon would appear on ym backyard, I'd just pat him a bit, while on the other hand, when I see a cockroach still being 2 m away from me, or even just a mop, I scream. I can't help myself. 

11. Are there any traits that your friends find annoying about you? Or what traits do you find annoying in others?
 - Hahahahaha, I am 100 % they find somethings annoying about me... They're just too afraid to say it into my face. Usually (from what I am noticing), and the most annoying one for them is that I am always 100 % honest. For example, they ask me: "Hey, Eva, what do you think about this drawing?"... Well, I am very strickt to myself when we come to art, and I am less strickt to others, but they still find it "impossible". And I am honest in what I think, and they feel offended. PEOPLE, STOP ASKING ME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR WHAT I THINK!!!! / The thing I find most annoying in others is the " .......... " I get from a lot of people. I came there to talk things over, and then I get " ..... ". Awesome. And, I also hate when they say these three things, a.k.a. my triggers: 1. "You're soo lucky". 2. "Everything will be ok/fine". 3. "Yeah, it's easy for you to talk (usually about my art, or school marks), you..... etc.". Don't do that to me people.

12. Do you have a short or long attention span?(Have you read this whole journal post?  xD)
 - I have extremely long attention span. I read everything, from top title till last dott. Yes, I read your whole journal post. xD Anytime I watch a movie, I always pay attention to who had the smallest role; I don't get why people don't wanna see that, he/she was in that movie too!! And wouldn't be same with-out him/her! I watch, read, and listen to everything till it's done. And you people who don't do that have no idea how much you're misssing.

13. Which three emoticons would you use to describe yourself?




I'm so sorry for so long answers!!! xD

My 13 questions:
1. Summer and Spring or Winter and Autumn?
2. How do you see yourself as an artist?
3. If you could become an animal for a week; which one would you choose?
4. Which subject you hate/hated most at school?
5. If someone would offer to tell you everything that's gonna happen to you in life; would you accept or decline it and why?
6. What is/are your favourite Disney show(s)? If you don't watch/like Disney, why, and what do you watch/like?
7. Your favourite Deviant? (HA!)
8. Are you morning person, or night bird? What do you find best at being that?
9. What is thing that most scares you/is the creepiest to you? (I promise I'm not gonna use that against you xD)
10. Is there a thing you would never ever try? (if so, tell us which one and why)
11. Who's your role model, someone you look up to?
12. Which is your favourite social media?
13. iPhone or Android?
People I nominee:
1. vida2003
2. Cvanilda
3. AikoMitsune
4. Niannamaru
5. UnicornCat
6. Mozdog
7. Goomuin
8. AbyssWatchers
9. Neon-Sprite
10. kimberlychan-13
11. Ayelloworenge
12. Snowfox-Angel
13. kuby64

*If you don't want to be tagged in, firts of all, I am very sorry that I tagged you, I kinda had a hard time choosing people for this, I ceirtanly don't want to annoy anyone, and I tried to tag those people who I was somehow in contact with... So sorry again, just send me a note, or comment under this post, and I'll remove you in same second.*

Sooo.... This was it, thank you again alanallie, you stole 1 hour and 30 min from me to do this... xDDD But it was so much fun doing it, I loved it!!

Hope you all have a nice day/night/morning (at least for me morning xD)/evening!!!
And I also hope you'll enjoy this.

(So sorry for long answers once again.)


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Eva Krivec
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Please don't mind the specialty, since I am interested and learning more stuff than just traditional art, but sadly Deviant doesn't let you choose more... lol I am basically here to learn as much as possible and find "inspiration" sometimes. :)


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Thank you. Yes, I have to admit, that Mrs. Lijn commenting my art, and following my progress is a great honour and boost for me; she always makes me smile. ;) Also, the whole support I'm getting here on DA is a-mazing. I really love this site. :) And yes, I'm not ALL bad; bad stuff are in my private collection. lol
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