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2 days ago, I got my first water-colour pencils!!! Woooohhhooooo!!!! (Faber Castell, 12 colours) A present from my mom; love you mom!! :D
So, this was kinda test picture, since it was my very first time using watercolour pencils.
This motive is pretty simple, so I tought it would be kinda appropriate for the first time. :)
So, any tips and constructive critisism very welcome, I'm trying to get better at this. :)
I'm loving this media a lot!! :)
Colouring books for children
As promised, here it is. Pretty much same way I did last one, only that here, I would like to take some things in notice.
Keep reading if you want to know the background and story of this piece.
Left side: Producer: ZHEN (original) ll  Right side: my version
So, I was observing the way original is made. I am very well aware that this is in a way artistic interpretation, and that hyper realism isn't the point here. And obviously, if you ever heard about anatomy, you can tell that eye is way too open, neck way to think, etc. But, if we look at the audience this product is targeting; 3-10 years old children, in majority of them little girls. For me; this original is slightly creepy. For those little girls; beauty ideal. I remember around 3 years ago, I was waiting for something in my school, and they sent me to first grade classroom (younest generation of school). Kids were having a long break, since it was lunch time, and I noticed two girls having a colouring book like this (it was very similiar to this one, only diffrent producer). And one of those girls started saying that she needs to lose weight, and that she's ugly, etc. I was already talking to kids there, so I joined in the conversation, and asked that little girl why does she think she's ugly. She replied with "because I don't look like this girl here", and pointed onto colouring book. Girl was a normal child, nothing wrong with her in any sense, but she saw herself as ugly, because she didn't look like girl that was drawn in colouring book. And we all know it's impossible to look like that, honestly, thank God we don't. But the beauty ideals these things are setting to young children like that; the girl I was talking to was 6! Like I said, I know it can be described as "artistic interpretation", but small children do not know that, they only know what they see, which causes them to feel a ceirtain feeling. In this case not good one. I would suggest two things in case like this: Parents, teachers, older siblings, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, adults and those who aren't on their level any more, but especially parents; Talk with your children about this, let them know that this is fiction, cartoon, before they ask, because once they ask it already means  the idea is in their head. Second: companies who produce these stuff, or even better people who design this; please take in notice that stuff you make is probably great looking to you, but please, step into skin of that 6 year old girl, step into skin of audience you're targeting with your product! I made some smaller, yet drastic changes in design, to maybe normalize it just a bit; nothing too big, I just lowened the eye lid of her eye, made a bit more realistic lips, added nose (!added!), made her shoulders wider, made her neck stronger, and hair touch ups. I am not saying my version is super-real either, I mean look at the pupil in her eye; way too big (unless she's in complete darkness), but personally I think it's a bit, just a bit better, and a bit less creepy. Honestly, if your child is working with one of these, I don't think you need to hide those horror movies from them; they've seen it all on stuff that is described under mark "FOR CHILDREN". In future, this will definetly be one of my goals; to improve the market of stuff "for children". I hope this reaches people who can do something about it and make a change in this field.
After all; "the world stands on young", right? Let's not screw them up then.
If you made it till here, than a big thank you.
Two Faced People
I am now pretty sure I can turn anything into something creepy. :D
I found one of my ooold "colouring books" or how to call it, the book where you draw fashion designs in, etc.
Well, this one was to design a make-up.
.....I kiiindaa played a bit with it and this turned out.... heh...
One of options for the title was also "Beauty And The Beast"... Which I think would also suit very well...
One more of these "make-up" designs coming soon, where I'll show how creepy these colouring books actually are.
Stay tuned! ;)


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Eva Krivec
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Please don't mind the specialty, since I am interested and learning more stuff than just traditional art, but sadly Deviant doesn't let you choose more... lol I am basically here to learn as much as possible and find "inspiration" sometimes. :)


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Yeah, most artists don't like to be called talented because it somewhat assumes they are naturals and don't have to put a lot of hard work and practice into their art.
It's a common mixup people tend to make, especially non artists. I don't think it's their intention to say that in a hurtful way, but it sure gets annoying hearing it over and over again.
So, I see where you are comming from :)

You are too kind, an honour? Well, it's most certainly an honour for me to meet yet another awesome and friendly artist like yourself :heart:
Thank you for the faves, I appreciate that :hug:

Greetings from Sweden!
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