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Cup of tea by Eva0707 Cup of tea :iconeva0707:Eva0707 12 4 Portrait by Eva0707 Portrait :iconeva0707:Eva0707 10 12 Late sunrise by Eva0707 Late sunrise :iconeva0707:Eva0707 12 5 La multi ani, Ingrid! by Eva0707 La multi ani, Ingrid! :iconeva0707:Eva0707 16 10 Who Doesn't Like To Read by Eva0707 Who Doesn't Like To Read :iconeva0707:Eva0707 17 10 Coffee by Eva0707 Coffee :iconeva0707:Eva0707 15 12 Dream PIG. by Eva0707 Dream PIG. :iconeva0707:Eva0707 6 7 The Special Kinds by Eva0707 The Special Kinds :iconeva0707:Eva0707 11 9 I hate that I love you (part 2) by Eva0707 I hate that I love you (part 2) :iconeva0707:Eva0707 4 9 I hate that I love you (part 1) by Eva0707 I hate that I love you (part 1) :iconeva0707:Eva0707 10 9 Life by Eva0707 Life :iconeva0707:Eva0707 27 18 Horse Study by Eva0707 Horse Study :iconeva0707:Eva0707 20 19 Take me far away by Eva0707 Take me far away :iconeva0707:Eva0707 12 10 Music in heart by Eva0707 Music in heart :iconeva0707:Eva0707 13 7 Shy by Eva0707 Shy :iconeva0707:Eva0707 21 13 So Close Yet So Far by Eva0707 So Close Yet So Far :iconeva0707:Eva0707 14 14


Untitled by Fruisir Untitled :iconfruisir:Fruisir 4 0 I have my eyes on you by Fruisir I have my eyes on you :iconfruisir:Fruisir 5 5 Helpless by Fruisir Helpless :iconfruisir:Fruisir 4 0 Before I scream by Fruisir Before I scream :iconfruisir:Fruisir 4 0 Tree horror by Fruisir Tree horror :iconfruisir:Fruisir 4 3 02 by DaryaPonyo 02 :icondaryaponyo:DaryaPonyo 114 3 The Sleeping Princess by AikoMitsune The Sleeping Princess :iconaikomitsune:AikoMitsune 33 31 Commission /  Dorobo Mantosumire by AikoMitsune Commission / Dorobo Mantosumire :iconaikomitsune:AikoMitsune 45 3 i can't explain this kind of love by AikoMitsune i can't explain this kind of love :iconaikomitsune:AikoMitsune 44 6 bubbles by AikoMitsune bubbles :iconaikomitsune:AikoMitsune 137 20 S07E22 Unnamed Earth Mare #1! by StartledFlowerPony S07E22 Unnamed Earth Mare #1! :iconstartledflowerpony:StartledFlowerPony 35 32 Night flight v2! by StartledFlowerPony Night flight v2! :iconstartledflowerpony:StartledFlowerPony 66 39 Happy Valentine's day! by StartledFlowerPony Happy Valentine's day! :iconstartledflowerpony:StartledFlowerPony 52 38 Say Cheese! by StartledFlowerPony Say Cheese! :iconstartledflowerpony:StartledFlowerPony 40 24 Rarity 5.0 and Diamond Tiara! by StartledFlowerPony Rarity 5.0 and Diamond Tiara! :iconstartledflowerpony:StartledFlowerPony 41 46 Limestone Pie! by StartledFlowerPony Limestone Pie! :iconstartledflowerpony:StartledFlowerPony 43 23
The most awesome art of DeviantArt! :D



Eva0707's Profile Picture
Eva Krivec
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello, and welcome to my profile! :)

I'm a simple teenage girl, from Slovenia, who lives for art. I'm working, and doing everything towards my goal; art becoming my carreer and way of life.
In every piece I make - may it be a quick doodle, sketch, or 3 hour portrait; I put in my heart, and all of me. I hope you're going to be able to feel that, if you decide to take a look through my gallery.
My DeviantArt profile became a huge part of my me from the moment I joined, and I can, very well say that I changed a lot because of it; for the better. People here, talent, and lots of hard work trully inspired me, and made me happier.
Every favourite, Watch, Llama and Your kind words are deeply apprecciated, and trully goes all the way to my :heart:. (Please don't take it personally if I don't thank you for your kindness, my replies tend to come late sometimes...)
Not to make this description in lenght of Hemmingway's novel, I'll end it here.

Thank you for visiting my profile. -E.


Q: OMG, did you draw that?!?!
A: Yes.

Q: Did you really draw that yourself?! :O
A: Yes.

Q: How can you do this only with graphite, I can't even draw a stickman!!
A: ....Yes.

Q: Draw me? :D (for free)
A: No. :D

Q: Teach me!! *-*
A: ......

Q: How do you do that?
A: No idea.

Current location: Almere, The Netherlands
Originally from: Slovenia
Requests: closed
Commissions: Closed (at this moment, I hope I can open them soon)
Art trades: closed (I love doing them for the record, but time isn't on my side right now)
Collaborations: Open for people I know at least for some time
When life gives you lemons..... Throw them back and demand oranges.
Good art, good friends, good times!
Ne diraj lava dok spava. :)


Huh... DeviantArt.... it has really been this long already...? Hm..... I am sorry. I really and honestly am, for not being active, not even thinking of dA in last few months (doesn't mean you guys don't cross my mind a lot though), and posting is.... The last thing I want to do. I don't feel like sharing anything with anyone outside my small circle, and honestly, as much as I love art... I love other things too. Things  never got to experience until now, and I really love it. I still draw, I even got a drawing tablet (and a damn good one) a month ago, but... It doesn't... feel right? It's hard to explain, but sharing anything I create at the moment... no go. If I create even. My passion for art didn't die, and never will, I will never stop creating, that much I can promise, but... I'm going to continue this break for at least some time. Your support so far was always, without exception amazing, and kept me going. To the point that I started creating art for sake of others, and not for myself any longer. I can't describe how grateful I am for all the support I have received here, but it's time for me to... Focus? Relax? Live? Not sure which one to pick, but probably a mixture of all of them plus more. I will come back, of that I am also sure, but when? No idea. When it feels right? When I'm not so.... Almost disgusted by the thought of sharing my own art (which has nothing to do with what I think of my own art, those are 2 separate worlds) on the internet. I tried creating ArtAmino, and I did, I thought I was just tired of dA.... but no. The "issue" is deeper than that. So I really hope you understand my decision... I do however take a peek on your art from time to time and I am always so happy to see just how much you're all progressing and growing, as artists, and people. I am writing this a little sad, because of all the memories here and amazing people I met.... But like I said, this isn't for ever. Just for some time. 
Have a nice spring everyone. :heart: :tighthug:
Cup of tea
I'm over my sickness!! Yay! Hot (mint!) tea helped a lot too... And that's where the idea came from. By sipping tea.
Have a cup of warm tea when you can ;) (soon!). 
Looks who's making actual art and not filling in the gap with photos of sunsets. 
I am home till 5th March now, so I should be posting more. Should be. 

It felt nice to draw again (I missed it), and this is what I ended up drawing... Any criticism would be greatly appreciated. :heart:
Thank you all SO much for 10, 101 page views. This is a very special number I never thought I could reach, and this is just.... beyond my understanding, but it really makes me happy, so thank each and every one of you. :heart: :heart:
More art coming when I am done with hell week of the exams! Love you all! xo
Late sunrise
Yeeeaaa!! I'm aliv-*starts coughing and sneezing aggressively*. Well. Mostly. Ironically I only have time to post when I'm ill, like in this case. xD  Oh well. I'm still here, for anyone that is wondering, buut.... School has started... And I have work doubled and time splitted in half. Normally, to finish this school (I am learning the language only at first, which is now, and when I am at the appropriate level I willbe transferred to a "normal school". Hope that makes any sense xD) it takes 2 years, for those who are really good, 1 year. I and some other girl in my class (who also happens to be Slovenian he he ) were offered to finish things up in 6 months, meaning to start in a normal school (which happens to be my dream school with an amazing art programme) in start of next school year, in September. 
So you might understand why I am putting all my effort into studying. So far so good, lowest grade I got was 8,6 (which was maths anyway, ironically, the teacher was explaining to my class what me and the other girl were writing for real few classes away), and the rest is all above 9, and of course a few 10s (on grading scale 1-10). 

Sadly... the side effect is that I don't draw, almost at all. Aside from class doodles (because I can't resist that, okay), nothing. And I've noticed my skills being a little...rusty. But oh well. I'll do my best to draw more but... Each week gets busier for me. So I'm sorry, but this is really important to me, because having a decent, or even good education was always my dream. Hope you can understand that.

SO! For any of you still sticking around.... Thank you. Your presence is greatly appreciated and I would hug you, if I could (whether you like it or not :P). :heart: :heart: :heart: :tighthug:

Oh and there on the picture you can see the view from my bus stop in the morning (when the sky is clear). :) Just had to take this photo the other day, even though I almost missed my bus because of it but oh well.... xD 

Thank you for reading :heart:


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Thank you for the watch :)
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Thanks so much for the watch! You're welcome to the World of the Spheres!
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Thank YOU for making dA a little more artsy with your art. :) 
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Lyria by Gwasanee
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You're welcome, I loved (still do!) it!! 
I'm glad, you did the very same thing to me right now ^^ :heart:
Have a nice....what's left of the weekend. :)
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Thank you so much for the Llama. :skinscared: Meow-thank You 
Eva0707 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Wooow, well this made me laugh! XD 
THANK YOU! very, very much. Made my day, each time I look at your comment (sorry about the late reply, school has started so...yee, kinda busy most of the time xD)
Don't mention it, also I love your art!! very much! Hope to see you around again! :D :heart:
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